Each calendar year we offer various workshops related to contemporary dance practices.
Workshops related to production topics are carried out by
Tanznetz Freiburg gUG.

The workshops usually last 2-3 days and take place over a weekend.
They address current trends and topics in the field of contemporary dance, such as Contemporary Dance Techniques, Improvisation or Instant Composition, the Choreographic Practice or Somatic Practices.



Registration for our WORKSHOPS requires the payment of the corresponding fee. Early-bird discounts can be granted up to a certain deadline (see current workshop announcement). Cancellation of workshop registration can only be made via e-mail to In the event of cancellation up to three weeks before the workshop date, 75% of the paid fees will be refunded. In the case of cancellation up to two weeks before the workshop date, 50% of the paid fees will be refunded. After the cancellation deadline (no later than two weeks before the workshop), unfortunately, no fees can be refunded. A full refund of the workshop fees will be made in the case that you have registered but there is no more place in the workshop, if you are given a place from the waiting list and can no longer take part or if the workshop is cancelled on the part of bewegungs-art freiburg e.V..


The workshops for fall 2024 are being planned and will be published here in September!


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Foto: ©photo by @arnaudbeelenphotography @tictacartcentre


Dance workshop with Lily Kiara

SRT was developed by Joan Skinner (1924-2021) and aims to achieve greater ease in dance, dynamic alignment, refined attunement with our body and imagination. There is an ongoing fine-tuning as we consciously venture into unknown creative territories. By listening within, we allow ourselves to get in touch with our inner body and connect with something bigger than ourselves. Embodied listening, inner spaces, presence, dynamic stillness, softening and allowing are some of the key practice areas in Skinner Releasing, alongside letting go, that support new routines. Softening supports the release of power through efficiency and responsiveness. Allowing encourages listening. In this way we can become more available. In technical work and in creating dances, guidance and allowing are closely related, as are stillness and action, receptivity and wildness. Lily Kiara teaches classes and workshops in Skinner Releasing Technique and Creating (Instant) Dances, sometimes together with a musician or lighting designer. She has taught throughout Europe, the USA, Australia and Indonesia and also accompanies artists in their process.

Foto: Claudia Greco

The Joy of the Unknown - inspired by the Fighting Monkey Practice

Dance Workshop with Anna Rose

The workshop focused on various elements of Fighting Monkey Practice, in particular communication and partner work. Within the framework of various movement situations, we worked on listening and dealing with unpredictability. How do we coordinate ourselves internally and in relation to others in a constantly changing environment? Through the lens of Fighting Monkey Practice, we looked at how we age and how we can better prepare for the unknown. How do we recognize patterns and potential problem areas before they become injuries, and how can we recover from injuries through movement? How do we recognize and understand our imbalances in order to better respect our own structures and take a conscious and active role in our own long-term physical health? Anna Rose is an Inspire by FM ® instructor/practitioner recognized by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea. She is a Berlin-based dance artist and singer who hails from the Shawangunk Mountains in New York. She has worked with various choreographers and danced/choreographed in various film and television productions "Babylon Berlin", "Tár" and "The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes". Her current movement and art research focuses on the connection between struggle and dance and explores the intersections between the principles of struggle and collaboration.
More about Fighting Monkey:

Foto: Nikolaus Ostermann

The Anatomy of Voguing

Tanzworkshop mit Plenvm Moonlight Ninjadem

Vogue is a dance form that is deeply embedded in its culture and cannot be separated from it. Understanding the origins and motivations of Ballroom culture, created by queer African American and LatinX individuals, allows participants to find personal and authentic expression. The aesthetic inspirations, which are based in the fashion world, martial arts and painting, are - like dance itself - subject to constant change and inspire each other. In his classes, Plenvm shows how these influences can be combined with one's own individual body language. As a trained dancer and musician, he also incorporates conditioning and rhythm exercises into his lessons. Plenvm is one of the pioneers of ballroom in Austria, a father, organizer, teacher and active member of the international scene, in which he appears as a walker, commentator and judge. With EatSlayLove and Danger Class, Plenvm coordinates platforms for gatherings and performance opportunities for the Ballroom and intersectional LGBTIQ+ communities.

Foto: Malú Santos


A workshop with Colectivo R3M

SINERGIA, where playful-improvisation-creation dynamics are generated to allow three or more bodies to touch either with physical contact, through space or even by intention. Engaging with the fact that our bodies grow possibilities when they relay on other bodies, we let ourselves be driven by the commitment in between the group, approaching to each other through dynamics of contact and partnering, but also instant composition and different impulses that we have used in our own research. As a collective of four, our philosophy believes in networking and negotiation. We trust in self building as we build with others, and the same thing as dancers and choreographers. The main ax of the workshop is that movement benefits from the particularity of each body within the group.
R3M is a costa-rican dance company founded in 2015 by Andrea Núñez Segnini, Sol Pardo Carballo, Sofía Riggioni Rojas and Michelle Sánchez Sancho.

Foto: Roman Pawlowski

The desire for the self

Stage presence in Instant Composition with Oliver Lange

We spend a weekend dealing with our stage personality. In Instant Composition we first of all stand on stage as ourselves. We dance, move, speak and sing as ourselves. Roles, states, worlds of feeling arise from the moment and are spontaneously taken on and absorbed by the performers. How can we present ourselves without going into theatrical exaggeration and at the same time not lapsing into the private sphere?

We will get in touch with our performance self and its individual strengths and weaknesses through various exercises from the repertoire of the performing arts. In doing so, we touch on all aspects of stage performance: dance, language and action.

Foto: Tanja Mod

Shared Levitation | Partnering-Workshop

Shared Levitation Partnering is based on the principles of action – reaction wants to liberate us from aesthetics of dance and enhances playfulness and functionality instead: an easy way to get excited again and again and to lure the inner child out. In addition, we try to eliminate prejudices regarding gender, body type, weight, and age. Anyone can be lifted and lift!
We start the class by opening our channels of awareness and connect to our partner by manipulating, testing and speculating with his/her structure and weight. A special focus in this phase is the use of our whole body doing the task, not only being limited to our hands and arms. In this first part the use of playfullness allows us to connect to our instinctive and primitive side, tuning into a shared natural flow of breath. With the help of exercises in different constellations, every time changing and adapting to a new partner and universe - we listen, follow and direct the movement as one functioning organism through space. We learn how much resistance, power and direction is needed to reach our maximum together by investigating with the given tools, and finally learning fixed Partnering material at the end of each class.

Foto: Roman Pawlowski

Me and Sebastian - a dance workshop on the musical body

Movement research with Choreographer Zina Vaessen & Julia Klockow

Accompanying the performance Ist Trieb, ist Geist, ist Kampf und Glück, ist Liebe - Sebastian und ich! you can dive into themes and qualities from the piece in a short movement workshop. How does music move us and how do we move music? Zina Vaessen (Freiburg/Basel) invites everyone interested to listen with the whole body. Previous dance experience is not necessary, only the desire to move.

Additional Info:

Foto: Daniela Wolf

Sharing the language | Peninsula Flora

Movement Session mit Smadar Goshen

Peninsula Flora is a dance piece by Smadar Goshen, a choreographer from Israel who has been working in Stuttgart since 2019. She creates a poetic habitat of possibilities in which man and plants, in this case the cactus, meet at eye to eye. In her workshop, anyone interested can dive into the movement practice themselves and learn more about the background of Peninsula Flora's body language.

Additional Info:

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