TIP - School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance

TIP is a state-approved full-time vocational school.


The school is getting more and more international. Last year there were students from 14 countries at our school (from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Isael, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, U.S.A. and of cours Germany). This year even more countries supervened such as Chile, Colombia, Luxembourg  and Netherlands. A super bunch of people, all real interesting!
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TIP - Schule für Tanz, Improvisation und Performance

TIP Finals 2015


The Concept

As regards the content, the orientation of the education is unique in Germany.

NEW DANCE / NEUER TANZ is a style of dance, that percieves itself in permanent further-developement and centers the advancement of the creativly productive dancer. It demands a holistically oriented training of dance and movement, gives opportunity for individual embodiment and fortification and evolvement of the dancers personality.

Purpose ot the school is the professional training of freelance dancers and performers. It claims to identify the individual skills of their students and to bring forward self-reliance and personal responsability. This includes physical and dancing skills as well as creativity and artistic originality. [more]

Structure of the Education

The education lasts two years and is divided in six trimesters. Each trimester usually lasts 14 weeks with one week having a guest-teacher and one week of performance . Inbetween the trimesters there are one to three weeks holiday, in summer six weeks.

Regular teaching time is Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m..

Term starts in the middle of September and ends with a final theoretical and practical examination and thereafter with a performance after six weeks of rehearsal.

Passing the exam gives authorization to bear the vocational title Dancer and Performer.

Subjects Studied


Minor subjects

Minor-subjects Theory



The school has available a competent and versed teaching staff. They can rely as well on pedagogical and methodical skills as on extensive on-stage-experience. International guest-teachers add to and complete the education. ... [more]


School fees are €1,450,- per trimester (4 month). There are two initial payments before and at the beginning of the education and a monthly installment of €335,- afterwards.


Necessary are

  • a written application (forms available as -> pdf or -> doc) application per E-Mail (Attachment) AND in written form to:
    bewegungs-art freiburg
    Ferdinand-Weiß-Str. 6a
    D - 79106 Freiburg
    Your printed documents are to be sent via ordinary mail.
    The school does not accept certified mail/recorded delivery!


  • Auditions: 21./22. May 2016 and 16./17 July 2016
  • start of school: 12 September 2016

    Invitation to the audition will be effected after evaluation of the written application forms. Those should be on hand at the school ten days before the desired day of the audition. Please do not send hand written applications.

    The fee for the audtion amounts € 40,00.

    Basic preconditions for the education are:

    Applicants with little experience in New Dance/Contemporary Dance are advised to participate the Basic-Project for orientation and preparation.

    Getting to know the work

    In principle the school can be visited nearly always - after announcement - to watch classes. Another possibility to get to know the work of the school are the annual performances of the graduation classes (June) or the Performance-Pprojects (Sept../Oct.).

    ~When I improvise, there is a lot more I'm deciding not to do, than I am deciding to do in my body~
    (Lisa Nelson)